Back to School: Credit Clean Up!.

General William Douglas 8 Sep

It’s time to go back to school… for your finances! The fall is the perfect time for a credit clean-up so that you are ready for the holiday spending season – and anything else the year can throw at you! When it comes to cleaning up credit, there is no better time than now to […]

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Buying a home within your means: what does it mean?

General William Douglas 9 Aug

House-hunting is exciting. However, don’t allow your enthusiasm to make you lose sight of the realities of your financial situation. It’s not enough to qualify for a mortgage. You must also ensure you can make the payments over the next 15, 25 or 30 years. Here are a few things to consider to avoid running […]

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Rules for gifting a down payment

General William Douglas 20 Jul

It has become more and more common these days for parents or families to gift their family members money in order to help them buy homes, usually in the form of down payment funds. For most young people in the country, homeownership is essentially out of reach without some form of help as down payments […]

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Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage.

General William Douglas 29 Jun

When it comes to shopping for your perfect home, it can be hard to find the exact one ready to go! If you are looking into a home that requires improvements, there is a mortgage product known as Purchase Plus Improvements (PPI). This type of mortgage is available to assist buyers with making simple upgrades, […]

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The Rate Debate.

General William Douglas 11 May

One of the first questions that potential buyers want answered is: “What is your interest rate?” It is easy to think that this is the most important question, but there is a lot more to your mortgage contract than just the rate. And so, the rate debate continues! The rate debate is a hot topic […]

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Understanding Your Mortgage Rate.

General William Douglas 2 May

When it comes to mortgages, one of the most important influencers is interest rate but do you know how this rate is determined? It might surprise you to find out that there are 10 major factors that affect the interest you will pay on your home loan! Knowing these factors will not only prepare you […]

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Fixed v Variable

General William Douglas 7 Apr

How to take advantage of low variable rates without the risk The current interest rate climate is difficult to navigate for a number of reasons, whether you are looking to purchase, re-finance or alter your current mortgage. The reason for this is that current fixed-rate mortgages are roughly 2% higher than variable-rate mortgages. This makes […]

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The Credit Challenge.

General William Douglas 22 Mar

The Credit Challenge. For most people, a credit score isn’t something you spend much time thinking about. Especially if you are someone who is making good money and paying all your bills on time. When you are in that boat, it feels pretty good! But, when you miss a payment or you struggle to pay […]

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Should you be offering over asking price?

General William Douglas 20 Jan

Due to low inventory and high demand for current Real Estate, finding the true Market Value of a property can be difficult. More often than not there are multiple offers occurring on each property with buyers being pushed to their maximum comfort levels. Along with being asked to offer above asking price clients are also […]

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Budgeting for the Holidays.

General William Douglas 14 Dec

Be mindful with money this season! Along with holiday joy come holiday bills, to avoid a sleigh-size tab, plan ahead to save money and maximize the payoff. BE THRIFTY Start early and keep an eye out for special sales. Many retailers have Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to help you get a jumpstart on […]

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